TED: Session 11 & 12

Unfortunately, because of the Olympics, session 11 was the last full session I got notes on, though I do have a few from James Cameron’s talk from session 12. You can see all the notes here.

TED: Session 10

TED Session 10 was about Play. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff from this amazing session couldn’t really have ‘notes’ taken on it (Eve Ensler had some actors preform her play, there were performances by Sarah Silverman and Natalie Merchant).

David Rockwell talked about his experiences with bringing play into his work, and specifically his playground projects.

TED: Session 9

Session 9, Imagination. Check out the rest of my notes here.

Temple Grandin, Marian Bantjes. I don’t know if you can tell from the notes, but I loved Marian Bantjes’ talk.

Dennis Dutton talks about the experience of beauty as an evolved trait (fascinating, in my opinion), and Raghava KK talks about his life as an artist.

TED: Session 8

Session 8, Boldness. Check out the rest of my notes here.

Sergey Brin came up and talked (briefly) about Google’s troubles in China, George Church talked about synthetic biology, Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin talked about how to make education better.

Bill Gates came along and talked about climate change and energy solutions for climate change.